December 18, 2011

God, hold me

I’m waking up, thanking God that He has given me another day to live and enjoy the life. Knowing that it is another day for me to have new hopes and another chance to make things right.
Another day to be healed from the hurts of yesterday and to believe that each day gives us a chance to love and to be loved.
I may have many questions and unanswered prayers. But I try my best to believe that soon my waiting would be over.
I don’t know how many times I had tears and feel pain.
But now I want to stop analyzing and asking why from past, stop worrying something, even stops figuring out how I feel. I want to stop for a while and see what I’ve done.
I may stumble and fall many times.
I may be said and judged: ‘never get better’ or ‘never change’
It’s insulting me.
Oh, God…hold me,
You are The One who knows how hard I try to be better and gives me strength to stand up again.
But then, when someone judges me so, I’ll give it up to You. L

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