December 21, 2011

Day 21: My ‘real’ December

Day 21: My ‘real’ December; New day and New Age  

I’ve been thinking about compiling things for my 22nd Years-Old. But I have decided not to make one. Because when I plan, I worry. Only few things become real finally. It does not mean that I’m afraid to make resolution for a year ahead of my life; well I did it every year.
Every single Birthday.

Speaking about resolution, till now, I haven’t decided what my goals are. But I’m sure a lot of things will change for my best. I’m just not pointed yet.

Today God, I can learn so many things.

The past years have given me so much pain that I can’t sometimes imagine.
Every pain or problem I assume as character building.
In every trouble it produces patience, which I try to learn it every time. Patience will produce strong character and it will last t forever.
I may fail at first, second, third, maybe hundred. But every time I try, I have belief that I get closer to it.
In every single trial to stand up, not only for myself, but also for people who loves me. I’m going through tough times that gave me the strength to look at it as learning process.
Everything that has been going on in my life now is just a part of my growth to maturity. In everything even how hard and painful it is, it has its own purpose.

Happy birthday Me,
Be Strong,
Be Always Strong!

well,  i have someone sang some songs to me last night. i appreciate it as my first gift, haha.
from many songs, i just pick two titles, because it was full-played. the songs are:~ panic at the disco -- always
~ he is we -- kiss it all better

and i've got this for my birthday gift J

 * thank you so much to everyone that remember today
** thanks a bunch to Koms Ekonomi for having celebration in Sekre 

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