December 13, 2011

Between Dream and Reality

Frankly speaking, I have mixed feeling right now. In between sad, surprised, disheartened, and slightly angry. I was questioned; whether I ever touch the ground and realize that life has never been that good.

That is reality.

I wake up, take a shower, dressed up, greet my parents, used to go to campus, thesis-ing, or having time with my friends, Mr. F, and also meet new people. Sometimes I get blogging, and also am inspired to achieve higher. It also reality.

And the moments where I have disagreement with my parents, fight with loved one, feel left out, and fail so many times is nothing but reality. And the beauty of my life is just base on the eyes of people. When the owner of those eyes says it is good, then it just is.

I dream big.
So I work hard to achieve it. I believe that life is too short for us to have too many doubts and worries. And life feels very much worthy when we have something we want to achieve.
I think it’s perfectly normal to keep challenging ourselves and redefine the meaning of success every time we feel we’ve own it by setting another goal. Like what Soe Hok Gie said:
Puncak G. Salak, seakan mengingatkan kita untuk turun kembali ke bawah dan untuk selanjutnya naik puncak-puncak lain. Mengingatkan kita bahwa masih banyak perjuangan yang harus dilakukan. Masih banyak puncak yang mesti di daki berapapun beratnya.
Life is short. That’s what people said. But if we come to think of it, we actually have 365 days in a year. So, being 22 for me, I’ve already spent thousand days. And that’s a huge amount. If we look at our life from this perspective, we are actually given so many days to build new dreams, make them real and move forward.

So, yes.
I dream big. 

And I comfortable with it because it makes me feel happy, motivated, and complete. In the same time, I am fully aware of all the risks and consequences. Minor and major. Even tough not everybody can see what I dream of. That the challenge. Dreaming requires me to be strong, to be able to tell myself to get up, try again if I fail. It requires faith, also. 

Some dreams might end unachievable, but at least i’ve tried. And that’s all that matters.     

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