December 02, 2011

Day 2

Day 2: Something you hate about your self

It’s quite hard when I come into this session. It’s not because I don’t know about what I don’t like (I don’t want to say ‘hate’) about me. I do know. But the feeling that comes up in my heart is guilty. I feel like I have no progress for changing myself better even I try so hard. Every time I did, someone will tell me that I did it again and again. It seems like I did not change at all.
So, what I don’t like about me?
I’m kinda bad tempered.
No, it does not mean that I am easy to get angry.
But when I get mad at someone or something, I keep it for a long period. Moreover, if the one is someone that really mean to me.
For worse, at the time anger fills my heart, I often express in breaking things or hurting someone physically. Well, it just ‘cubit’ actually.
I am moody person.  
Then, I don’t know what the English for the word that I will mention, even in Bahasa. My parents said it in Minang as GATEH.
Anyone knows?
Gateh is tendency to break things unintentionally.
Till now, I never find a logical reason behind my habit. I have ever broke bulb, door handle, hinges of my wardrobe, etc. And if you ask me why, believe me, it’s the same question cross in my mind. Also for gadget, such as my laptop and cellphone. I am the one who always have trouble for that. Broken, suddenly turn off, hang, or case like that, it’s just a common things for me. Sometimes, my parent and people around me have aware of that. Thus they don’t allow me to have the latest version of gadget or something. Haha…. L
But sometimes, they just don’t.

Well..actually I still have many things to write, but I have to join meeting..
*silakan muntah
Hehe J    

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sama aja yah ternyata


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