February 01, 2011

Welcome February


Some of my friends (especially who was born in this month) are fans of February.  They are expecting the very best moment in life would happen in this month. And maybe that’s why; they are trying their best in order to get what they want.

Well, I don’t wanna talk about February.

But, I wanna talk about ‘someone’ that I have to get closer with this month. One of my ‘21’ resolution…

I need to have ‘it’ this month to make myself one step ahead to the Grand Goal of my 21 years old.

The challenge is: it seems like the stronger I try, the stronger he ‘pushes’ me.

Every single time I try to type or write down my feeling for him, I just can’t find the right sentences on my paper.

Somehow, I got stuck. I can’t find a word.

It’s kinda fun since I used to play around with ‘word’ for my blog or daily journal.

What makes me afraid is the deadline that getting closer.
I don’t wanna make my ‘masterpiece’ in a rush. I need time to think clearly.
But it seems like, my brain just empty for anything every time I open up my laptop.

Seriously, it makes me insane.

 Moreover, knowing that some of my friends has have their progress, it press me much.

However….I must confess that sometimes I’m  just too afraid to start.
Do u know who is it that can make me insane?

My Mr. F.

01.02.11 – 04:06pm . Rumah

tentang hujan


Aku ingin bercerita.
Tentang hujan.
Dalam tiap tetesnya yang memelukku.
Memberi kesejukan , sekaligus kehangatan.
Dalam tiap tetesnya yang mewakili perasaanku.
Hujan, kemanakah kau akan membawaku malam ini?

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