March 05, 2012


I notice something today.

That some people enjoy killing other people’s dreams or vision.
Maybe, unintentionally, they do it through their very few words and innocent faces.
People said that we shouldn’t sweat small things.
But for me, small word works.
Words carry real meaning.
Never think that words are just words.
They really affect one’s world.
Words can also cure. They can be the birth of changes, spirit, or innovation.
The impossible and possible happen from a mindset.
And mindset develops through the words we speak, or we tell to ourselves.

When people talkimg about impossibility, I prefer closing my ears. When I believe, I believe.
Have faith, me…
Be strong. Be always strong.

1 komentar:

Ifnur Hikmah (iiph che) said...

Ya iyalah, ngapain juga mesti dengerin apa kata orang. Kan yang tahu apa yang lo mau cuma lo doang.


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