March 07, 2012

On the Period Of Questioning

How I wish everything is right on the path so I can focus on what I’m doing
If only I can handle this well.
Things are just unplanned.

I realize that we all go through a journey in our lives though differently. Some of us may go through pains or betrayal, being an option not a priority, or some stuff come and teach us a lesson, force us to be this and that, and then leave us with so many question; what am I suppose to do?
We also may have felt irrelevant to some people. Taken us for granted, just left us in the corner pretending we have not been a part of their lives. Some of us may have been tired and push ourselves too hard just to fulfill our dreams.

I think I’m on that spot at this moment.
I’m going through a period of questioning.
I had many tears some time. And if only I cold shout, I will.
Sometimes it’s hard to believe that every pain that I feel come with a purpose.
I may not see it now, though I am still waiting for my prayers to be answered.
But I know, my God is still here, listening to my every cry, my every pray.
let's assume that i'm on the test for getting to the next level of my live.

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