November 20, 2011

something about 'Goodbye'

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What if I have to say goodbye to someone I care about?
The particular sad farewell left a hole in my chest and a bittersweet taste in my mouth. As saying goodbye, has a way of doing.
Why is it?
The hardest I attempt to heal from something painful, the more frequently it haunts?
And something ‘holey’ in my chest suddenly makes me stupid. I can’t find the right words, I can’t form complete sentences, and all I could do just stare into the eyes of someone that really meant to me.
I just stood.
Uncertain. Undefined. Communicating through eyes than with words.
I just stood.
And stare the back of him walk to the motorcycle. Pull away down the street and disappear into the night.
Perhaps that is the hardest part of saying goodbye to someone:
-         Knowing I must move on even tough every single thing on my body screams at me
-         Every aching muscle screams give up and wants to go home but I have to be strong, resolved and steadfast.
-         For letting go someone we love, it’s the hardest thing in everyone’s life. It seems like we climb a mountain on our own. It’s painful.
However, we’ve got our own mountain to climb up. Take heart. Be encouraged. Dealing a goodbye is always difficult. Because everytime we say goodbye, I die a little.   

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