November 11, 2011

In Medias Res

Part of life is constantly being in the middle of something. In between. In transition.
Progressing, regressing, confessing, guessing, stressing, possessing. Anything.
In life-like the world off campus- we stamp ‘Value’ on a thousand things that touch and embrace, even steal and destroy a thousand other things. So, we are not only study about economics, sociology, politics, agriculture, etc, but we learn, why they matter to us. And why they matter to one and another. And why they matter to society at large.
But how does this process have a stopping point? Ideally, it shouldn’t. Ideally, we should be taught to think critically, and care about all of these things, and apply it into life, hopefully grabbing hold of a few for safe keeping and cultivation. And ideally, this learning process begins in the classroom and (hopefully) going to be maintained for life.
What about graduation? How about every single requirement that we have to face in campus for the graduation point? How about exam, thesis writing, research, comprehensive test?  
Well, I think that is the ‘in between’ stops. And there we are: beginning another in between.
In medias res. In the middle of things.
We, as human being, start our life in medias res. We don’t remember the first ‘Mama’ word we babble when we were baby or the first step when we learn to walk. We begin in the middle. We just remember right now. Lost after what was, and not knowing what will be.
Maybe we’re supposed to be. Maybe things we get lost in--silence, conversation, crowds--are there to simply force us to remain. If we’re lost in something, if we are in the middle of things, we may have an idea of where we’re going or what steps we’ll take. But only, we have an idea. And it’s not enough. We need and an action.
As people who are constantly doing and moving and even complaining of doing nothing (which is actually they’re doing something, I think) we need a space to stop. That’s the beauty of ‘in between’. We need a stop to start again. Just to take a breath and look back. Then maybe we’ll figure out of something:
If we were supposed to know, we would.
If we were prepared for the answer, we would have them.
If we would not have them, what do we have?
The Questiosn.
So live the question. Start again, then. Live life in between.  

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