November 28, 2011


It was my few days of depression,
I wasn’t stress,
I was in fact depressed. It’s hard to explain how I really felt and the reason behind. I guess it’s all an accumulation of things that have been going in my life. I’ve been trying to think about it. And I guess I came up with a conclusion. It’s a mean world out there. There will always be people who lie to you, who loves bringing you down, and who hates you for whatever reason.
But in the time of this kind of feeling I realize one thing. I might not be always strong, but I am a happy girl. With everything that I have, I will never let anything or anyone take away that spirit. For mistakes I have done, I have apologized. If I’m not forgiven, then that’s it. For whatever mess I made, I always try my best to fix it. If my effort appreciated, then that’s it.
We humans are humans. And we should appreciate and give such ‘credit’ to ourselves.
If we spend our lives just to please everyone, when will it ever end?
Thankfully, I have Allah,
For every blessing,
For keeping me save throughout my days…

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