July 27, 2012

My Confession

It’s been a year. I hear the people outside whispered: I didn’t make any change.
Did I?
Well then they do not know what I’ve been through. I have many parts of my life. I did many things, but Not about this thesis writing. Others. Yes, I did.
They do not have any idea about the path that I walk, about the conflict that I face, even my achievement. Anything. My life is not only about these campus things. Yet, I’ll finish this thesis no matter what!
I didn’t know what was waiting for me. But, I‘ve made up my mind, nothing going to stop me. Even fears. Sometimes we have to face our fears, rite?
I choose this way, I choose my dreams. And I will go for it. I will commit with this.

July, 22 2012  

1 komentar:

Abdurrahman Kun said...

saya menyukai tulisan ini. hahaha.


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