April 07, 2012

First time: Unsatisfy

I am forced to get out of my comfort zone.
You know how it feels?

To be honest, it feels like there’s a wave on my chest. Feels like I want to scream and yell to people around.  In addition, the situation is designed in under pressure atmosphere without knowing it before. And seems like it isn’t enough, I have to face a group of people and appear as brainy mature person with a face full of smile yet dignity.     

I though i have given the best of me. Well, in fact, I were not. And this dissatisfaction upset me. I do.  I never wish about turning back time, but this time...different. I want it badly.
But I realize that last night was my starting point of something new.
They said this is the point to upgrade my capacity.
I know that I am prepared to be someone better. Someone bigger. Someone stronger.

I know it’s hard. But I know it is worthy.

*02:20 am. w1

2 komentar:

AuL Howler said...

you can kak!

Jum'at kemarin Aul baca buku barunya Dee yang judulnya "Madre" di gramedia. kebetulan ada yg udah kebuka plastiknya. hihihi :D

yozi_dp said...

nice ... :))))))
please follbek me.


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