January 12, 2012

Connecting The Dots

Indescribable feeling is tearing me right now. Another side of me feels grateful for everyone who always being around. But the part feels trapped and left behind. My friends have come to real world one by one. But I’m still here. Get stuck in the same point.

I fall. Then crawl and learn to walk on track. But then I slip again. On and on.

People said everybody is essentially drawing their own picture for life.
So I guess, I just don’t see it clearly. The picture of this moment is not ever. Yet.
The picture of my life is still unobvious. All I have to do is just connecting the dots. Where every dot I am destined to be, I see something, get somewhere and meet some people. So, as I move along, as I complete the picture, hopefully I understand why I had to be on this path.

That’s maybe God wants to give me the best picture. The best story of me.

I just don’t figure it out yet.
But I know, through every single dot i trace,
they all make sense someday, somehow.

*12:21 a.m; rain outside

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