September 17, 2011


17 september 2011. While listening The diary of Jane – Breaking Benjamin.

After a long long process of thinking, finally I found reality of my life.
 Bittersweet. So many shit happens. But kinda challenging.
First, I have to face the fact that I cannot graduate this year.
Well, so many factors caused this. And I don’t think I would share it here.
Fortunately, my parents have no problem with that. They said it’s not a big deal since there’s nothing we can do about it. They said to me that maybe this is the best way that my God gives to me. But they emphasize me not  to be under pressure of this.
While the other hand, I can’t lie my heart that I want it happen soon. I want to have a job, I want to earn my own money and helps my parent. And honestly, I wanna away from this thesis. It’s hard for me to write things in a good manner. It seems block my creativity to write expressive-spontaneous- writing which I like the most.
Second, me n my family finally moved out.
but recently, my papa decide to sell our house in Jakarta and buy a land in here.
Well..just see what we’ll happen.
Third, I thought I change into a worse personality. I mean, for someone..i became an miserable person.
I don’t know why.
 But I cant deny that I just react for what treats me.
I just hope I can be a better person. And hopes someone will understand that I really try my best.

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